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2020 Community Sport was formed on 30th October 2014 by company directors Neil Wheeler; Jane Mansfield; and Steve Bygott. We are passionate about the services we provide which are detailed more formally in our objectives. They are " to provide activities which benefit the community and in particular (within limitation) to promote healthy lifestyles, and to improve the quality of life and personal wellbeing through encouraging and enabling people to take part in sporting, leisure, and cultural related activities, in a range of community settings, and ensuring that these services are accessible to all members of the community regardless of circumstances, disability or disadvantage."   




2020 Community Sport C.I.C. is run professionally with an awareness of the need to provide a safe environment for both it's customers and its' coaches and consequently has a framework of relevant documentation. All policies apply equally to staff and service users. Policies were ratified by all directors at a meeting held on 29/11/2020. All policies are reviewed annually.


See below for details of current policies:

Any further documentation and certification is available for viewing upon request

Contact: Any safe-guarding concerns should be directed to Jane Mansfield

Tel: 07749866205


If for any reason you are unable to discuss your concerns with Jane then issues should be passed on to Neil Wheeler as your secondary contact.

Tel: 07940204029


All issues and reports with be handled with professionalism and in the strictest confidence


Money Matters:

2020 Community Sport aims to make all activities inclusive regardless of financial circumstances. Although we do charge a fee for our services and activities these are set at what we feel is an affordable level and, as a not for profit community interest company, all proceeds are put back in to continue the development and quality of our services. We aim to provide a wholly inclusive service and if you feel our costs are a barrier to you accessing our services we would urge you to contact us and we will endeavour to find a solution to suit your personal circumstances. This ensures as many people as possible are able to access our services and activities and we can continue to provide an enriching experience through our activities to as many people as possible.

  • N.B. Reserves Policy - As previously explained 2020 Community Sport C.I.C. is a Not For Profit Company and have a Asset Lock in place. In order to strengthen our robust financial planning we have adopted a Reserves Policy of 1-3 months (max.) of operating costs to allow for any circumstances such as unforeseen emergencies etc. to ensure that services provided to clients are maintained. This was agreed unanimously by the board on 29/11/2020


What some happy tennis students say:  
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