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Disability sports we offer...


Our coaches provide sessions catering for local charities, community groups, specialist education and care / residential homes. We offer a range of sports such as Table Cricket, Carpet Bowls, Blind Cricket and many more...



Table Cricket


Table Cricket is a relatively new concept and sport especially in the area of North East Lincolnshire. Our sessions are focused towards participation combined with fun activity and competitive elements for those wishing to do so.


In delivering sessions throughout the county it has been very evident to see the improvement in coordination, memory and cognitive skills from all participants. In addition to the obvious health benefits, the last few seasons has seen us take teams to the Table Cricket Finals Day held at Trent Bridge in Nottingham.


There is no need for you to go anywhere as we will come to you due to our handy portable kit! All that is required is a table and willing partcipants. We currently visit a range of locations such as residential homes, supported housing and community centres.


If you are interested in trying a new fun initiative where everyone and anyone can be involved why not test us out with a free taster session delivered at your convenience!



Further information on the game of table cricket can be found here 

Carpet Bowls


A hugely popular addition to our indoor sports collection is the game of carpet bowls. Played with some of the best kit on the market in a warm location safe from the outdoor extremities! We currently own 2 kits varying in size testing the different skill set of our participants.


Carpet bowls can be played by all and for those extra competitive individuals out there can provide hours of fun whilst seeking to outwit your opponent either as an individual or as a team. This a game of skill requiring very limted physiological aspects making this an enjoyable activity for anyone who would like to take part.

Blind Cricket


Our most recent sport we have began to deliver in the area is Blind Cricket. This has been a very enjoyable concept for both our visually impaired participants and non-impaired alike with some using blidfolds to simulate the conditions that others experience. Two forms of blind cricket exist with the domestic version, a game involving a larger set of stumps and a size 3 football filled with tiny carbon balls creating sound being the version we currently play.



In addition to our popular inclusive sports of table cricket and carpet bowls we provide other indoor sporting activities suited for all. These include basic skills such as throwing and catching activities which can be performed from seated positions if this suits the requiemnts of a group or individual. In our experience these games whether competitive or not stimulate various movement patterns even in stroke sufferers and influence memory and conversation regarding sport in individuals with dementia.

Activities include:

  • Beanbag throwing/catching

  • balloons

  • parachute

  • hula hoops

  • inflatable quoites

  • target throwing

  • jigsaw/tic-tac-toe

  • Basketball

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