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Franklin Freshers Event

14th September We attended the Fresher Event at Franklin College. The idea of the day was for a range of activities to be provided for students to try a taster session and/or to raise awareness of sports that are available locally. The event was open to the whole new cohort of 1500 new students aged 16-18 and took place for a full day. We took the opportunity to provide Table Cricket sessions and to give information on other cricket related activities such as Softball Cricket; Crik-Fit and Ladies Cricket.

We took the names of over 28 who tried out Table Cricket, many of whom came back for several extra goes. Overall there was a really positive response to the Table Cricket with the vast majority having never even seen it before and one great quote from a young man asked to describe it in one word was "banging". All the contact details etc have been passed onto the College Sports Maker who will use them to inform the development and introduction of sports provision

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